SEW – Sewing Empowers Women

In 2017, Tenzi Chacha, daughter of City of Hope (COH) founders Dr. John and Regina Chacha, moved to COH to share her passion for sewing and fashion with the women of the community.

Using old-fashioned treadle machines, Tenzi started with a small group of students who were eager to learn a skill that is in high demand in their area. Now she has both beginner and intermediate classes.

In late 2017, the village was connected to the electrical grid, so now they use electric machines to learn and improve their skills.  The class is quickly outgrowing their small sewing room and is looking to move to a larger space on the COH campus so that more students can be part of the program.

Along with sewing and design skills, Tenzi is using business skills from her Marketing Degree (Liberty University) to teach her students how to run a small business. These combined skills will enable these women to support themselves and their families and to become productive members of their communities.

The SEW Program is also creating jobs. After they are trained, some of her students have been hired to help sew clothes & accessories for her fashion brand, TENZI. TENZI is currently selling in shops across Kenya and is available online:

I want them to learn a trade, so they’ll be empowered—so they’ll have a good job and a good future for themselves.
— Tenzi Chacha
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You can support the SEW initiative by giving online. Thank you for your continued support of City of Hope!


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