Sponsoring a child gives them:

Why child sponsorship?

At City of Hope, we have provided a safe place of learning and growing for the children to reach their full potential. In order to sustain this incredible opportunity for each child, sponsors are needed. Our sponsors are businesses, churches, organizations, families and individuals, who have realized that they can make a difference in the world.

Our sponsors understand that the secret to happiness in life is to give generously with their lives to those who are in need. And it starts with you.

Become a Child of
Hope Sponsor

For $35 a month you can become personally involved in the life of one special child who will know your name, write to you and feel your tender love and prayers. For $420 you will help to sponsor one child for a year.

How the children benefit from sponsorship:

The goal for the children at City of Hope is to help them overcome the obstacles of poverty and equip them to move confidently into the future. These children are the future leaders of Tanzania. You will become a partner in bringing transformation to their lives, to their community, and to their nation. Your sponsored children will receive schooling, medical care, hygiene education, life-coping skills, and vocational training. All this comes along with affirmation and love in a family atmosphere different from many traditional orphanages.

Communicating with your sponsored children

Each sponsor will receive a profile packet with a photograph and introductory information. You can send your sponsored children a personal or family photograph and a short letter to introduce yourself.  You can also email your letters for your children to info@teamworkcityofhope.com and we will deliver them. Your child will send you a personal letter at least once a year.

City of Hope will provide you with periodic updates and newsletters about the children’s progress and their activities. If you would ever decide to visit, this can be arranged through our office.

Note: Due to the great needs of the children, they will require more than one sponsor.