About City of Hope

Since breaking ground in 2007, we have watched this city grow. Every building and every project has a purpose, and we are seeing the fruit of its impact.

How We Got Here

Missions Center


One of the first buildings at the City of Hope, the Missions Center is used to host medical teams, volunteers and other guests. It is a fully-equipped lodging facility including a kitchen, living room and office area. This is the perfect environment for relaxation for volunteers who give their time to serve with us.

Children's Home


This home for the children of City of Hope is a place of refuge. Children who came from terrible living conditions now wake up in a safe and loving home. The home is comprised of dorms for both boys and girls and two rotundas where the children gather to pray, sing, and dance together.

Destiny Primary School


Destiny Primary School began with classes held in half of the children’s home. Now it has it’s own building. It upholds a high standard of excellence for our children at City of Hope. We hire high-quality educators and apply leadership principles within our programs. As a result, in 2016, our school ranked #1 in our district and #22 in Tanzania on test scores for the standard 7 national exam. We have attracted more than 350 students who attend school along with our resident children. We also have an excellent brass band.

Amani Medical Center


Amani Medical Center opened in 2012 at the City of Hope in a community with little healthcare. Many in the area die or have their quality of life severely diminished due to diseases that can be easily prevented or cured with routine medical care. While we are still not operating at full capacity, we, in partnership with the government, are now offering vaccines, pre- and post-natal care, deliveries, dental services and many other general medical services. We have wards for those who need short-term overnight care.


Dr. John Chacha Secondary School & Institute of Leadership

In January 2017, the City of Hope celebrated the opening of the secondary school. This school is continuing the high academic standards begun by the primary school.

Stacey Sauerberg Initiative


The Stacey Sauerburg Women’s Leadership Initiative was founded following Stacey’s untimely death in 2016 with the purpose of empowering women to discover their strengths through hope; to pursue their calling with purpose; and to conduct their lives with integrity and in service to others.