The Freedom Torch Returns to City of Hope!

In Tanzania, we are so excited to announce that for the third time City of Hope has been chosen to be the recipient of the Mwenge wa Uhuru (Freedom Torch) at the end of August. This is a great honor. Every year since Tanzania’s independence this kerosene torch is lit at Mt. Kilimanjaro and carried to various regions where the government wants to recognize exemplary service to the nation.

I want to thank everyone connected with COH, everyone who gave, and everyone who has worked on the ground, because it is this working together that made this happen.  The Dr. John Chacha Secondary School is already being noted as an outstanding school and we just opened in January.  It is a great achievement to have a quality secondary school in a remote area, particularly one with science labs far above any others in the region. This accomplishment is what gave us the attention needed to be chosen to receive the Mwenge. This is a great endorsement for our work and should be seen as a great encouragement to everyone involved with COH.