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The people of Tanzania face many challenges daily.


Child Abuse & Neglect

When children lose a parent, or a parent is ill, they often become victims of abuse which can take various forms from neglect to being forced to work and kept from school.  Child abuse can also take the form of  FGM (female genital mutilation) and child marriage.  


Substandard Education

Many children miss out on school because of needing to work to survive or because of child marriage.  If they attend school, the quality of education in the public schools is substandard with teacherless classes and lack of books and supplies, and low attendance. 


Poor Health & Hygiene

Community leaders requested a medical center in their community because too many of their women were dying in childbirth. Infant mortality, water-born diseases, and communicable diseases such as HIV-AIDS and malaria are just a few of the many health challenges in the region.  


Violence & theft

The area around City of Hope is known for clan fighting and cattle theft.  Before City of Hope, people, even government officials,  were afraid to walk from the territory of one clan to the other clan. They knew they could be killed if they crossed directly from one clan to another.  

We're building a City of Hope to transform a community.

City of Hope is committed to empowering local leaders. Our model is child-focused, holistic, aimed at self-reliance and well integrated into the surrounding community. We exist to bring hope to Tanzania and we accomplish this in four ways.


top Primary & Secondary Schools

Excellent education is how we give our children an opportunity to fulfill their dreams. Our students scored #22 in the nation and # 1 in the Mara Region on the standard 7 exams. We opened the Dr. John Chacha Secondary School and Institute of Leadership in January 2017. 


Safe & Secure Childcare

We have a children’s home for around 100 orphans and vulnerable children. They have learned to build friendships with those from other tribes and clans. 

 We encourage them that just because their parents died doesn’t mean their dreams have to die. They are encouraged to fulfill their dreams. 

Life-saving Healthcare

We partner with the government to provide healthcare to the community at Amani Medical Center. Amani means peace in Swahili as the medical center is built on the ground of the former clan wars.  We provide care before, during and after birth. We also care for patients with malaria, water-born diseases, wounds, dental needs and more. 


Impactful Leadership training

Leadership is action and our children learn to work and to be examples to others. Through student counsels and leadership committees, our children problem-solve and take responsibility.  We have frequent seminars and conferences with a leadership emphasis.  Our children are equipped to be the leaders of tomorrow.  


With your help we're changing lives.


Vulnerable children protected


food sustainability


students in primary school


children in secondary school


Primary school ranked top 3% in the country


jobs created

Support our Current Initiative

Dr. John Chacha Secondary School and Institute of Leadership

The Dr. John Chacha Secondary School and Institute of Leadership (DJCSSIL) opened in 2017 and will eventually be able to serve at least 200 students. Our first graduation will be held at the end of 2019. We are providing the students with the opportunity to continue to achieve the academic, physical and spiritual growth they achieved at Destiny Primary School (our COH primary school).


Learn what we're doing to empower women

The Stacey Sauerberg Women’s Leadership Initiative (SSI)

Stacey Sauerberg took a mission trip to City of Hope in 2011 with her son Robbie. Following Stacey’s untimely death in late 2016, her family chose to honor her legacy by establishing The Stacey Sauerberg Women’s Leadership Initiative (SSI) under the umbrella of City of Hope to create an ongoing means to drive transformation for all people, but especially women, in Tanzania.