Stacey Sauerberg Women’s Leadership Initiative

Stacey Sauerberg’s life mission was one of nurturing strong relationships through love, wisdom, and positivity.  Stacey was a loving wife and remarkable mother of two sons. Throughout her lifetime, she provided a powerful example of bold servant leadership. Following Stacey’s untimely death in late 2016, her family desired to honor her legacy by establishing The Stacey Sauerberg Women’s Leadership Initiative (SSI) to create an ongoing means to transform lives; especially women in Tanzania.

The Stacey Sauerberg Women’s Leadership Initiative (SSI) will be a vital component of the Dr. John Chacha Secondary School & Institute of Leadership. The mission of SSI is to address critical issues facing Tanzanian women and find long term solutions through developing and training local, regional, national, and global change-makers.

Implementation of the program includes teaching relevant life and leadership skills through seminars, speakers, and opportunities for practical application of these skills to affect change and influence the lives of others.

We are increasing awareness of the unique challenges facing African women, including limited access to health care, harmful cultural practices like forced marriage of young girls and female genital mutilation, pervasive gender inequality, limited participation in political and public life, and systems that perpetuate female discrimination.


We are delighted that Hilda Mahare (wife of our director in Tanzania) and an experienced leader in her own right, has been chosen as the facilitator ofthe Stacey Sauerburg Initiative.  Hilda is a secondary school teacher and guidance counselor and is a leader among teachers.  She is now leading our efforts with the girls at TCOH, especially the secondary students. As an ambassador for women’s leadership and TCOH, she will be visiting the US in August.


Gifts from this initiative will support the Dr. John Chacha Secondary School & Institute of Leadership. In addition to women's leadership, our current and future needs include adequate teacher housing, a school bus, upgrading an athletic field, providing accessible water, and purchasing additional land for continued growth.