The Dr. John Chacha Secondary School and institute of Leadership will be another powerful way that we can fulfill the Mission of Teamwork Ministries...


“Generating Transformation—Genuine Flourishing—in the lives of children and thence to their communities. We are changing a village to reach a nation.” 


Our Vision


Our Vision for The Dr. John Chacha Secondary School and Institute of Leadership (DJCSSIL) is to serve around 200 students on the Teamwork City of Hope (TCOH) campus in Ntagacha, Tanzania. We will provide them with the opportunity to continue to achieve the academic, physical and spiritual growth they achieved at Destiny Primary School (our TCOH primary school). DJCSSIL will strive for excellence and prepare our students for post-secondary studies, either at university or vocational school, and/or for taking up their roles as leaders who walk with wisdom and understanding in their local communities and beyond.

This new secondary school will have several important collateral benefits. It will bring new hope to the local community for their children’s futures. It will keep young girls from being pressed into FGM (female genital mutilation) and child marriages. It will continue to teach the children of former enemy clans to become unified and work together.  

This new secondary school will honor and memorialize Dr. John Chacha, the late founder of TCOH and fulfill another part of the great dream that God gave him. 



We know that DJCSSil will stand out among other schools for a few reasons.


1) Leadership

Not only will the children have quality education, but will be taught leadership in order to become the leaders of their next generation.

2) Academic excellence

The school will continue the standard of excellence experienced in Destiny Primary School where the students scored in the top 1% of the nation on the national exams. 


3) Our Band

The band of Destiny Primary school is well sought after to perform at important events such as the Mwenge (freedom torch). We will continue this tradition of an excellent band at the secondary level.


4) Our Environment

 this year our primary school took the first position in the district during the health and environmental audit by the government. our school environment is beautiful and inviting with the animal sculptures and beautiful grounds. 



Where We Are


Total Funding for DJCSSIL
$0 $1,500,000


Be A part Of Changing The Lives Of The Children Of Tanzania With The Gift of Education. Let's Build Leaders Together.