Since we broke ground in 2007, we have watched this city grow. Every building and every

project has a purpose, and we are beginning to see the fruit of it’s impact. Here is our

current progress of the City of Hope.



Missions Center

One of the first buildings built at the City of Hope, the Missions Center is used to host medical teams, long-term volunteers and child sponsors. It is a fully-equipped lodging facility including a kitchen, living room and office area. This is the perfect environment for relaxation for volunteers who give their time to serve with us.


Children's Home

This home for the children of The City of Hope has truly become a place of refuge. The children who came from terrible living conditions, now wake up in a safe and loving home. The home is comprised of dorms for both boys and girls and 2 rotundas where the children gather to pray, sing, and dance together. 



Destiny Primary School

At Destiny Primary School, we are dedicated to uphold a standard of excellence for our children at The City of Hope. We have done this by hiring high quality educators, teaching cutting-edge curriculum, and applying leadership principles within our programs. As a result, in 2016, our school ranked #1 in our district and #22 in Tanzania on test scores for the standard 7 national exam. We have attracted more than 300 students who attend school along with our resident children.



Amani Medical Center

Our founder, Dr. John Chacha, was a native to Tanzania and grew up in an area with no medical care. Many died or had their quality of life severely diminished due to diseases and ailments that could have been easily cured with routine medical care. That is still the case today in much of rural Tanzania. In February 2012, Teamwork City of Hope opened up the Amani Medical Center to be a beacon of hope in a community with little healthcare. Although the medical center is not yet operating at full capacity, we continue to invest in the health of the community and have been able to treat hundreds of people.



Our Progress To Date


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