Dr. John Chacha Secondary School & INSTITUTE OF LEADERSHIP

The first phase of our new development project is to build a secondary school in honor of our late founder, Dr. John Chacha. It was always his desire to provide quality education to those in need. Education can open the door of possibilities to children and give them hope for a better tomorrow.

We currently have a primary school that has enrolled more than 400 students, 110 of them being our own City of Hope children. We desire to move forward on the foundation of our top-ranked primary school, reaching out to new students and providing for our current primary school children by building our own secondary school. This will insure and enable us to maintain our high standard of quality for education and will eliminate the need to transfer our students to another secondary school.


Quality education gives children a future.

 And it starts with you...




Dream Center Trade School

The second phase of our new development project is to build a trade school--"The Dream Center". We want to enable all of our students to be able to provide for themselves and their future families. This facility will include classrooms, workshops, a library and a technology center. In these learning environments students will learn skills such as business management, home economics, sewing, vehicle mechanics, basic computer fundamentals, agriculture, animal husbandry, masonry and carpentry. These classes will provide students the essential vocational training needed to practically prepare for their futures.


Together, we can begin to bring to life the dreams of the future leaders of tomorrow.

And it starts with you...