Leaders of Tomorrow : Consolata Mwita


Consolata is a leader of tomorrow…



‘Hi! My name is Consolata Mwita Senso and I am seventeen years old. I have set many goals in

my life that I hope to accomplish while I am here at The City of Hope. My goal while in school is

to improve in my studies especially in mathematics and physics and also chemistry so that I can

do even better than before. My second goal is for God to make me as an example to my fellow

girl students who think they can’t do better like the boys do. I would like God to make me an

adviser to those who have broken hearts, who have been discouraged by others. I pray that

God helps me so that I can make it in my life especially in my studies and my goal is not only to

complete my secondary education but to continue with high level education.


When I complete with my studies I will like to be a Doctor. I always pray to God to give me

strength, because I know that although I have all of these goals, it is God that makes them all



At The City of Hope, we not only care for our children, but we empower them to

become the leaders of tomorrow by providing quality education and teaching leadership

principles that they will carry with them for life. Consolata is one of our children who

unfortunately must travel to a government-run, substandard secondary (high) school because

we are not currently able to offer secondary school on our campus. In April 2016, we broke

ground on our new secondary school - The Dr. John Chacha Secondary School & Institute

of Leadership. With your help we can ensure that students like Consolata have the opportunity

to have quality education from pre-school all the way through high school.



Donate today so that through education, our students can become the future leaders of Tanzania.